cost f wealthy affiliate price plans

How Much Does the Wealthy Affiliate Cost | Price Plans

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Pricing Plans

In this article we talk about the Wealthy Affiliate pricing plans and what’s included.

There are several reasons I like the Wealthy Affiliate University and, one, is that they offer several price plans. Whatever your budget you can get started online, even for FREE.

cost f wealthy affiliate price plans

Wealthy Affiliate aka WA has 6 membership options to date which offers a lot of flexibility. This gives beginners and those on a small budget a variety of options to start a business online.

As well offering monthly and annual membership rates the WA includes necessary tools to succeed online.  By having all the right tools means you never have to guess which tools you need or have an additional budget.

While some courses charge tens of thousands Wealthy Affiliate is known to offer some of the best training for a very low cost (even FREE). The Wealthy Affiliate aka “WA” has thousands of members for beginners to experts.

Let’s  look at the Wealthy Affiliate price, and, what is included in the premium package for $49 a month! Later we’ll look at the Annual rates ($359), one month special ($19) and more.

Wealthy Affiliate Price Plans

There are 6 types of membership costs at Wealthy Affiliate:

FREE Starter Membership Cost

There is a FREE starter membership – the free member option is perfect if your want to get your feet wet or see what the Wealthy Affiliate is all about. All your need is an email (no credit card required) get instant access which include 2 websites on WA SiteRubix platform.

The FREE option is available except for Bangladesh, Ghana, Egypt, Kenya, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, and Vietnam. Those living in all countries including the above can get immediate access to the Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Member ($49 a month). It’s an amazing price for all you get.

First Monthly Special Cost (WA for $19)

If your get a FREE membership (recommended) you have the option to take advantage of the low $19 first month membership. It’s almost 59% discount over the $49 monthly cost for just $19. The WA keep costs low so you can focus on learning and building your business.

Wealthy Affiliate Monthly Membership Cost

The monthly membership is $49 a month. In the past 11 years it’s only had one increase from $47) so your never have to expect and surprises. If your on a budget this allows your to budget as your start and grow your business. That comes to $588 for a year and your can switch and save to annual at anytime.

6 Month WA Membership (New)

The Wealthy Affiliate recently introduced the 6 months membership. This half-yearly membership costs $234, which works out to $39 a month (saving of $10) off the monthly membership. This is an incredibly popular option for those who are ready to kick start their new online business.

Yearly Wealthy Affiliate Cost (Annual)

The annual ‘yearly membership’ is $359. This is around $29.92 per month with a saving of $19.08 per month and $229 per year. If you’ve been paying monthly and want to upgrade, that’s easy with a pro-rated membership.

For example if you have a monthly plan and want to upgrade before the end of your 12-month year you can do so and save. To calculate divide the annual $359 by 12 and then multiply by the number of months that remain for the year since you became a paid monthly member.

Check out the example here – for someone whose paid the regular monthly membership cost for 4 months and then they decide to upgrade to the yearly. That’s  ($359 ÷ 12) x 8 remaining months which comes to $239.33.

Then what happens is after you reach the end of the year (4 regular payments plus 8 months on the pro rated), you pay the annual membership at the annual rate which saves you money .

Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Sale

Thousands of people take advantage of the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday special when the membership price is just $299  a year. At this price who wouldn’t as you can get the entire package for less than most website hosting packages. (WA membership includes hosting).

If you are a member you can still benefit by upgrading your membership for the following which locks in the best rate for the future.

Also for those on a monthly plan if you upgrade during a Black Friday sale you’ll get the remaining months at the new lower price.

Your year begins from the month your joined Wealthy Affiliate to the end of the next 12 months. That means membership is not calculated on a calendar year which begins in January and ends in December.

Upgrading your membership from FREE to Premium is always an option. It’s a decision your can make with confidence as your grow your online business. Not sure, Get Your FREE membership and try it out today!

Are There Additional Costs at The WA

Unlike many courses you won’t see pop-ups or up-sells at the Wealthy Affiliate and the minute you have your membership in hand you have instant access to everything you need; thousands of hours of step by step training, live webinars, the WA community, coaches, technical support and all the tools necessary to grow your business.  And you won’t have to deal with endless logins as everything is in one platform.

The Wealthy Affiliate is incredibly transparent about the way they do business, which is why they offer the Free membership so you can explore for yourself. And if your like what your see (and I’m sure you will) your can upgrade to a Premium member easily and, without any up-sells.

Is there Anything Else You Need?

Anyone whose building a business needs to grow a list, and for that you will need  an email autoresponder like Aweber to manage your messages. Everything else you need is included in your in various membership levels, such as the best affiliate marketing training, online tools and community support.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Includes

As part of your membership you will receive expert training, webinars, coaching, tools and support that is suited for beginners through expert levels plus tools such as:


You will have access to state of the art hosting, with top security on Wealthy Affiliates own servers. Your websites are built on WordPress and can be hosted on your own domain(s). That means ever your decided to leave WA, your can transfer your websites. This is an important option that WA allows for any business owner. The best hosting ensures a top user experience for your as the business owner and your visitors.

SSL Certificate(s)

A SSL certificate is a layer of security that protects information from a web server to a browser. It helps protect you, and your visitor which can help your website rank in Google and other search engines. You can learn more about SSL or have confidence knowing that Wealthy Affiliate membership has your covered.

Keyword Research Tool

As part of WA training you’ll learn to write articles around the “right” keywords. This requires the best keyword research tools to create great content that you can make you monetize.

As part of your membership you will have access to Wealthy Affiliates proprietary keyword tool called Jaaxy. Free members have access to Jaaxy basic enough to get your writing off to a great start. basic for your Free membership. It’s an awesome must have tool.

Content Creation Software

Part of building your business online you involve some type of content creation for your website. This  may be in the form of blogging, video, audio, or a combination. WA teach how to create great content   and gives access to all the tools you need such as writing tools; writing templates, spell check, unique content checker, and of course all the training your require creating great content. If you worry you’ve never created content before, the wealthy affiliate has your covered.

Affiliate Networks (Make Money with Your Site)

One of the most recent updates is Affiliate Networks. As your build your website and create content, it’s time to make money with your online business. Next it’s time to monetize your blog and to do this your will need to find affiliate networks that your for adding inks (your’ll learn this also in WA).

To save even more time the Wealthy Affiliate’s Networks has been  added. And, they continue to add new features so students stay ahead of the curve, this is another advantage of a WA membership.


I hope this has been of use and answered your questions as to the cost of Wealthy Affiliate. Are you ready to begin? Get your FREE membership today! No credit card required!

If you want to learn more Check Out The Official Site and check it out for yourself!

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